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 Fall, 2006;  06FAZ

Day & Time: 

 Mon, Wed, Fri.  Sec. 16: 3 – 3:50.  Sec17:  4 – 4:50 PM*


 Aug. 21 – Dec 8, 2006


 Merritt Penticoff, Room 130

*No class scheduled Fri Sept 15 (this course only) or Labor Day or Wed and Fri of Thanksgiving week (entire college).

Click here for regular syllabus.      Click here for ADP syllabus.

Important Links

www.ju.edu    http://users.ju.edu/ddefalc    http://my.ju.edu    http://bb.ju.edu    http://mail.ju.edu    http://myfiles.ju.edu    http://it.ju.edu

Thanksgiving Week Message for Friday Night ADP Students:

This week, Thanksgiving week, you will be required to do a very large WebLesson in lieu of not having class on Friday.  However, I will be available to meet with students by appointment only at times on Friday or Saturday.  You should have already read the first chapter of Excel and uploaded Accuracy Counts Mini Case on P. 344 assigned last class.  The WebLesson assignment for this week is to read the second chapter of Excel, do two Practice Exercises of your choice and (what would have been your homework) Accounting 101, the first Mini Case on P. 388.  Upload these three individually to the Dropbox and be sure to name them using the name in the book (not your name).  Should you want to meet with me call me at 762-1932 or 755-4006 anytime this weekend for an appointment.

WebLesson Student Instructions

Faculty Click Here

What is the WebLesson?

    Jacksonville University has a dimension of the Adult Degree Program called the WebLesson.  It is an online component to your class which will complete your learning experience while making it more convenient to your busy lifestyle.  The WebLesson will reduce the required time in the classroom because it affords you valuable contact with your instructor and fellow students for some of the classroom time from the convenience of your home.  It may consist of any one of variety of activities depending on the instructor and course and may include a discussion forum, reading or writing assignment, research project, quiz, project, etc.  Usually it would be a discussion forum plus one of these other activities.  Initially, you should take the WebLesson Orientation mentioned in the paragraph below which will acquaint you with the platform for it, called Blackboard, and its various features.  Knowledge of all the features will prepare you for all courses in the current semester and future ones as well since all courses at JU are automatically given a Blackboard web site.  You only need to take the Orientation once and then check back here for any changes in subsequent semesters.  After you complete the Orientation lesson, consult the syllabus or module for your course for further details on how the instructor plans to use the WebLesson.

How Do I Get Started?


To start, click here:  http://courses.ju.edu.  You will be brought to a Blackboard login screen.  It is recommended that you add the page to your favorites (or bookmark it). 


Click the Login button. 


In the login, enter your JU user ID which is your first initial and maximum of 6 letters of your last name.  Your password is your student ID number (from your student ID card) with one leading zero, which you should change once you successfully log in.  So, if your name is John Williams, your username is jwillia and your password might be 0123456.  Since this is a common last name and probably has many duplicates, if it does not allow you to log in, try again and substitute a number for the last letter starting with 1, 2, 3, etc. for each attempt until it accepts it.  Such as jwilli1, jwilli2, jwilli3, etc.  Should this not work, call the IT Helpdesk at 256-7200 or send an email to helpdesk@ju.edu.  Their web site is http://www.ju.edu/administration/supportServices_IT.asp  Where you will find much more helpful technical information.


Your login to Blackboard is independent of your login elsewhere, so if you change your password in your login at the campus, it does not change it for Blackboard.


Next, go to the Online Instructor Training web site, when available, which will familiarize you with Blackboard, its features, the WebLesson, how to use them in your class, and their benefits to you and your students.  Start by reading the Student section on this preliminary site.  Then, at some point the ADP Training link should show up on your login page.  This lesson should only take you a few hours to complete and will remain available to you for future reference. 

  What if I need Help?

    Should you need assistance, all course related problems should be handled by your instructor.  If it involves the WebLesson and the instructor is not able to assist you, then email ddefalc@ju.edu but be sure to copy your instructor.  Replies are usually sent within 24 hours.  Check this page for future updates and any other announcements.

Contact me at 762-1932
(note the last letter of my name is not included).