What is the WebLesson?

    Jacksonville University's Adult Degree Program will now use an 8-week format for all courses.  Each course will meet weekly for three hours in the classroom and two hours outside of the classroom.  This meets with faculty requirements for the minimum number of contact hours.  In an effort to assist faculty of ADP and for the convenience of the students, the two out-of-class hours can be conducted online and called the WebLesson.  All courses are automatically given a web site template on Blackboard for the instructor to develop.  Students will be given an opportunity to take an orientation lesson and a help desk will be provided with email and phone support.  Instructors will be shown how use the discussion board as one of at least two online activities, the other one being a:  lesson, assignment, web search project, PowerPoint show, video, recorded lecture and more.  In any event, the student should have two hours of contact with the instructor, the instructor's posted materials or an instructor supervised discussion, each using the course web site.  Analysis of web site activity will be conducted and reports issued to determine if this objective of two contact hours is being met.

    All activities need not be directly on the web site.  Some instructors will be content to post assignments or projects that would normally be done outside class.  Though the two hours should be contact hours, something like a weekly research topic will also suffice.  In these cases, you might use the web site in a limited fashion.  In all cases, this two hour component must be in addition to homework, regular term papers, projects and tests and must be a separate section on the syllabus.

How Do I Get Started?

What if I need Help?

 Should you need assistance, most problems can be handled by email message to ddefalc@ju.edu.  Replies are usually sent within 24 hours.  Should you need to speak to someone, a special, part-time help line has been set up specifically to help everyone with the WebLesson.  That number is 256-7437.  The hours that someone will be available to answer your questions are: Mon. - Fri. 5 to 7 PM during the dates Aug. 23 - Sept. 3, 2004.  Voicemail is there so leave a brief description of the problem along with your name, phone number (recited slowly and distinctly) and a good time to call back.  After Sept 3, you can still call this number for help with the WebLesson, but it will manned only sporadically and you almost always have to leave a message.  Check this page for future times of availability of this help desk.  Faculty can also reach Dewey DeFalco at 762-1932.