CIS 150




Read Before Class

Aug. 31

Introduction to Course & Overview of Windows 98

WN-2 to WN-16




Sep. 5

Internet Explorer 5.0 & Downloading Data Files

IE-2 to IE 21

Sep. 7

Common Elements Project 1 Basic Common Elements

CE-2 to CE-25




Sep. 12

Common Elements Project 2 Common Text and Art Elements

CE-26 to CE-48

Sep. 14

Word Project 1 Creating a Document

WD-2 to WD-40




Sep. 19

Word Project 2 Editing and Formatting a Document

WD-47 to WD-78

Sep. 21

Word Project 3 - - Creating a Brochure

WD-84 to WD-111




Sep. 26

Word Project 4 Working with Multiple

WD-116 to WD-147

Sep. 28

Word Project 5 Creating Tables

WD-152 to WD-179




Oct. 3

Word Project 6 Merging Documents

WD-184 to WD-205

Oct. 5

Exam 1





Oct. 10

PowerPoint Project 1 Creating Presentations

PP-2 to PP-34

Oct. 12

PowerPoint Project 2 Enhancing Presentations

PP-40 to PP-65




Oct. 17

PowerPoint Project 3 Viewing / Organizing Slide Shows

PP-70 to PP-94

Oct. 19

PowerPoint Project 4 Working with Masters

PP-100 to PP-126




Oct. 24

Exam 2


Oct. 26

Library Instruction Research Strategies





Oct. 31

Excel Project 1 Designing Worksheets and Workbooks

EX-2 to EX-39


Excel Project 2 Modifying Worksheets and Workbooks

EX-44 to EX-69




Nov.7 P

Excel Project 3 Formatting Worksheets and Workbooks

EX-74 to EX-100

Nov.9 P

Excel Project 4 Creating More Complex Workbooks

EX-107 to EX-128




Nov.14 P

Excel Project 5 Analyzing / Distributing Worksheet Data

EX-138 to EX-168

Nov.16 P

Excel Project 6 Using Financial Functions

EX-176 to EX-202





Exam 3




No Class




Nov.28 P

Integrating Word and Excel

IP1-2 to IP1-16

Nov.30 P

Working with Web Pages





Dec. 5



Dec. 7

Review for Final Exam


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