Society disapproves of some market outcomes. One response is government regulation of these markets.

For example, competition may be reduced in some markets because of the concentration of market power in the hands of one or a few firms. This particular type of regulation is anti-trust regulation.



U.S. vs. AT&T

U.S. vs. IBM

U.S. vs. Microsoft

Antitrust Case Summary Browser - from Dr. Anthony Becker, St. Olaf College

The site provides summaries of hundreds of antitrust cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court indexed in a variety of ways and cross-referenced. It also provides links to other U.S. and international antitrust and competition policy sites.

Supreme Court Antitrust Debates (SCADs) - from Dr. John Bowen, Ripon College

SCADs is a collection of excerpts from 72 of the Court's antitrust opinions from 1895 through 1993. SCADs will help you to probe the controversial nature of antitrust and to develop arguments on either side of specific cases.

Glossary of Antitrust Terms

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