CIA World Factbook - Information on the flag & maps, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues.

Atlapedia Online - "Key facts and statistics" (official name, capital, system of government, area, population, location & geography, climate, people, demographic statistics, religions, languages, education, modern history, currency, economy, main trading partners, main primary products, major industries, main exports, transport, communications and military) and "full color physical and political maps."

My Virtual Newspaper - links to newspapers around the world.

The Embassy of Italy in Japan - includes the ambassador's message, national anthem, general information, tips for travelers, statistical data, and a virtual newsstand. The general information section includes information on the constitution, government, official bodies online, ministries, political debate, cooking, geography, history, researcher links, literature, music, museums, theaters, tourism, economic and commercial activities, Italian libraries' databases, Italian universities' databases, and electronic yellow pages.

Italy - General Information - from the Venice Italy Index, created by Juli Van Zyverden - contains maps of Italy; regions and main cities; Italian language; people, customs & traditions; current events in Italy; Italian sites for children; history & archeology; arts, photography, cinema & specialized museums; Italian literature & libraries; music & theater; architecture & institutions; the Italian embassy; Italian public service agencies; a tourist guide to Italy; travel & transportation; Italian cuisine; environmental issues; news from Italy; and sports in Italy.

History of Italy - from Windows on Italy - covering prehistoric Italy, early Italic tribes, medieval Italy, the Renaissance and signoria, foreign domination, the French Revolution, Italy under Napoleon, the risorgimento, the nation today, Italy between the two world wars, and the republic.

Italian Stock Exchange - information on the Italian stock market, derivatives market, listed companies, intermediaries, daily prices, market data, links for foreign stock exchanges, the lira-euro conversion rate, monthly key figures, and Standard & Poor's ratings of Italian companies.

The American University of Rome

The Italian Amusement Park - an Italian premiere theme park

Unione Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo - Restaurants in Italy

Italian Nights - a guide to Italian night life (in Italian) - includes an events calendar (concerts, etc.)

Economic Data - from the Bank of Italy, the Italian central bank

Yahoo! links to information about Italy

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