CIA World Factbook - Information on the flag & maps, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues.

Atlapedia Online - "Key facts and statistics" (official name, capital, system of government, area, population, location & geography, climate, people, demographic statistics, religions, languages, education, modern history, currency, economy, main trading partners, main primary products, major industries, main exports, transport, communications and military) and "full color physical and political maps."

My Virtual Newspaper - Links to newspapers around the world.

Statistics Bureau & Statistics Center - Official government statistics.

Bank of Japan - the Japanese central bank.

The Japan Economic Institute of America - an authoritative source for current information on the Japanese economy, Japanese politics, Japanese foreign policy, and U.S. - Japan relations.

Tokyo Stock Exchange - financial news & investment information

Economic Planning Agency of Japan - limited information about economic plans and data.

Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi - a profile from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Japan in Transition - a report from the Canadian Broadcasting Centre (CBC)

Japan Economic Foundation - Japanese trade & industry information (including up-to-date information from MITI, the Japanese government's Ministry of International Trade & Industry).

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) - Japan's principal organization for implementing trade policy on a comprehensive basis.

Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs - information on foreign policy, economic affairs, regional affairs, and culture.

Handbook on Japan from the U.S. Library of Congress - extensive information, including chapters on (1) Historical Setting, (2) The Society & its Environment, (3) Education & the Arts, (4) The Character & Structure of the Economy, (5) International Economic Relations, (6) The Political System, (7) Foreign Relations, and (8) National Security.

Japan Defense Agency - information on the Japan self-defense force.

Prime Minister's Office - includes the Decoration Bureau, Office for Gender Equality, and the Science Council of Japan.

National Archives of Japan - preserves the Constitution of Japan and other official documents & records.

Human Rights in Japan - a report from Human Rights Watch


Asahi (the Japanese equivalent of USA Today)

The Japan Times

Kyodo News (Tokyo)

The Hokkoku Simbun (Kanazawa City)

Yahoo! links to information about Japan


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