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Full Coverage:US News:Cattlemen Lose Oprah Winfrey TrialLast Updated Mar 2 5:35 pm ET

 News Stories
- AP: Oprah says Amarillo experience 'a blessing' - Dallas Morning News (03/02/98)
- In Oprah Trial, 'Food Libel' Charges Prove Hard to Swallow - Christian Science Monitor (02/27/98)
- Veggie Libelí Debate Heats Up - ABC (02/27/98)
- Winfrey wins one for free speech - @marillo Globe-News (02/27/98)
- Oprah Winfrey Wins Case Filed By Cattlemen - Washington Post (02/27/98)
- Gracious in victory, Oprah praises Amarillo residents - Dallas Morning News (02/27/98)
- Many ranchers say lawsuit wasn't worth it - Dallas Morning News (02/27/98)
- Oprah hails free speech after verdict - Dallas Morning News (02/27/98)
- Amarillo jury rejects lawsuit against Oprah - Austin 360 (02/27/98)
- Oprah says she won't be muzzled - UPI (02/26/98)

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- Audio: Oprah Winfrey Reaction - "We're standing up for the cows' right to be here."
- The Oprah Winfrey Show - official site.
- Cattlemen vs. Oprah Winfrey Trial Resources - court documents, interview transcripts, news stories, audio clips. From CNN.
- Oprah Winfrey: Mad Cow Disease - edited transcript of the April 16 Oprah Winfrey show that is the subject of the lawsuit.
- National Cattlemen's Beef Association - marketing organization and trade association for America's one million cattle farmers and ranchers.
- Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page - thousands of articles on mad cow and other diseases.
- Texas Product Disparagement Statute - text of the law, from the Rutgers Animal Rights Law Center.
- State Representative Bob R. Turner - Information - wrote Texas' 1995 agriculture disparagement law.

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- 20/20 RealVideo Interview w/ Oprah Winfrey
- CNN QuickTime: Oprah says on show she won't eat beef

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- Feb 16: People - So Where's the Beef?
- Feb 7: Slate - A love letter to the beef hater
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