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Joseph Calvit and later his heirs had a difficult time settling his Revolutionary War pension.


November  22, 1788, Saturday

Also, a petition of Joseph Calvit, late a lieutenant under General Clarke, to the same effect.  (That is, a petition praying that the auditor may be directed to settle his accounts for pay and depreciation as a soldier during the late war, and issue certificates for the same.)[1]


September 25, 1830

Mississippi, Adams Co.  Personally appeared Margaret Williams.  makes oath:

1: Personally knew, well acquainted with Lieut. Joseph Calvit before the end of the Rev. War and for a long time afterward.

2. Joseph Calvit was sometime previous to close of Rev. War commissioned Lieut. Illinois Cavalry, Va. Line and was stationed for a time at Kaskaskia, in or at the Fort.

3. Lieut. Calvit was lawfully married at the Iron Banks on the Mississippi at the home of this deponent; this deponent being present and witnessing ceremony.

4. Joseph Calvit removed with his family sometime after close of Rev. War to the now State of Mississippi and located himself not far from Natchez.  This deponent knew him up to time of his death.

5. This deponent was the wife, and is now the widow, of Capt. John Williams who also served in the Va. Line under Gen. George Rogers Clarke, and she and her husband at an early period moved to Mississippi.  She is now abt. 78 yrs. old.

6. Lieut. Joseph Calvit had born to him by this marriage a dau. Martha and a son John, who are still living and others, who this deponent is informed are dead.

7. That the dau. Martha married Joshua G. Clarke, afterward the Hon. Chancellor of Mississippi, now dead; she is his widow and relict.[2]

8. Lieut. Joseph Calvit remained in Mississippi until time of his death.

Henry Tooley, Notary Public

City of Natchez, Adams Co.

25 Sept. 1830

Margaret x Williams



October 6, 1830

I, Ann Tabor the affiant in this case do declare that sometime btwn yrs 1779 and 1783 I knew Joseph Calvit father of John Calvit and Martha Clarke to be a Captain Lieut. among the Va. Troops.  I resided with my father’s family for several months at a Military Post when said Joseph Calvit was Capt. Lieut.  I also declare that Joseph Calvit descended the Mississippi and settled near Natchez while this country was in possession of the Spaniards, sometime abt. yr. 1785.


Claiborne County



Notarized by R.W.

Campbell, at Port

Gibson, 6 Oct. 1830[4]


November 18, 1830

Mississippi, Claiborne Co., 18 Nov. 1830.


Personally appeared Thomas Coe. acquainted with Joseph Calvit several yrs before his death.  Present at his death and burial. ....  certain that he died btwn 20th & 25th of Aug. 1819.  Said Calvit left a widow, Mrs. Rundell [Sissions], who is now living and four children—John Calvit, Martha Clarke, James Calvit and Thomas Calvit of whom the last two, viz. James and Thomas died without issue.  Sidney Rundell, John Calvit and Martha Clarke are the only surviving legal heirs of Joseph Calvit.

18 November 1830.

Volney Stumps, J. P.


November 22, 1830

22 Nov. 1830 Zilpha Perkins deposed.


Personally acquainted with Lieut. Joseph Calvit, knew him intimately for more than 25 yrs before his death.  He lived in Jefferson Co. during last 17 yrs of his life, and died in said county in August 1819.  Depcment [sic.] has read his will.  no disposition made of half-pay, bounty or military lands due from the U.S. or the State of Virginia.  Joseph Calvit resided in what is now Mississippi more than 25 years before his death. 22 Nov. 1830.[5]


November 9, 1832

Joseph Calvit to Samuel Calvit


5 Oct. 1814 btwn Joseph Calvit of Jefferson Co., Miss. Territory and Samuel Calvit, James Cowden and David Kerr of sd county, other part.


Whereas Joseph Calvit wishes to settle and provide for his children, John Calvit, James Calvit and Patsey Clarke and make provision for the education and maintenance of an illegitimate child (of him Joseph Calvit-begotten on the body of Mrs. Sissions, a widow) named Mariah Louisa, born 28 July 1814.  Now this indenture..$5 paid by Samuel Calvit, James Cowden & David Kerr..tract of land two miles below Petit Gulph..500 acres..all the negroes-Isham, Phillis, negro girl Susan, man Solomon, man Draper, Dinah & children, Beck, Jack, horses, mules, cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, furniture, hold in trust for me during my death in trust for the following, to John Calvit and his children property to amt of $4,000; to my dau. Patsey Clarke property to amt. of $3,300 & to son-James Calvit property to amt of $600.. my intention to make an equal division.


Trustees to pay my illegitimate child Mariah Louisa $30 per annum until she arrives at age of 10 her $100 per annum next 4 yrs. and if she arrive at age of 21 or marry before that time pay her $500, this being a provision declared by a sense of duty for the innocent offspring of my indiscretions in my old age and conformable to the wishes of my other children.  Balance divided between son John Calvit and his children. Patsey Clarke and her children..son James Calvit.

9 November 1832[6]


December 10, 1832

Va. (Illinois Regt.) Calvitt, Joseph N.A. Acct. No. 874 950 928.  Half Pay.  No. 620477.  Treasury Dept...have adjusted acct. btwn U.S. and Joseph Calvit a Lt. in Illinois Regt. Va. Line, commanded by Col Georg R. Clark in Rev. War....find sum of $5,754.30 due from U.S. unto J. Calvit Clarke, atty of John Calvit and Mary Clarke, his only surviving children and (his late widow) and Sidney Rundell and Amos Rundell, her husband, being the amt. of his half pay. 30 Sept. 1783 to 20 Aug. 1819.

10 December 1832.


November 29, 1844


Calvit, Joseph              R. 12,980



Pension Office 29 Nov. 1844. . have examined claim of the admr. of late Lieut. JOSEPH  CALVITT who was an officer of the Virginia State Troops.. find his legal representatives obtained the benefits of the Act of 1832.  He left the service in April 1782.. from 30th of that month to 30th Sept. 1783 they are entitled to half pay of $160 per annum. . Amt. payable to Francis A. Dickins, Admr. of said Calvit.[7]


April 26, 1849

Washington, 26 Apr. 1849.  Letter from Francis A. Dickins, Admr. est. of Lieut. Joseph Calvit, dec’d, to Pension Office Refers to Lieut. Calvit of Illinois Regt.[8]

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[2]  relict: a woman whose husband is dead especially one who has not remarried.

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