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The Natchez Court Records show the Calvit/Higdon families, based on their land holdings, became important members of the Natchez community.  Their prestige meant that others often called on them as witnesses or to help arbitrate disputes.  And there were many disputes, as the inhabitants untangled land claims from the Spanish and territorial periods through statehood.  Also, frontier Mississippi was short of trustworthy currency, and the information below suggests how much economic exchange had to be done by credit.  Finally, Mary Calvit Higdon, even as an old woman, cast a large shadow.


Among buyers of estate of Joanna Osborn was Thomas Calvit. [note: even at this early date, he had sufficient funds to participate in purchasing from the estate.][1]


Mary Higdon, of District, for natural love and affection for my son, Jeptha Higdon, of sd District, and also other causes, etc., have given unto him, the sd Jeptha, upon express conditions hereinafter mentioned, all my goods, chattels and property, real and personal, consisting of four negroes, called "Old Tom", "Young Tom", "Dick" and "Limrick", horned cattle, horses, hogs and every article, thing of whatsoever nature, to have and hold in trust during his natural life but not to sell, dispose of in any way, nor shall it or any part of it, be subject to his engagements, contracts or debts, now or to be hereafter contracted, but at his death to be equally divided among the lawfully begotten heirs of him, my son Jeptha Higdon, who never-the-less is to use enjoy and dispose of all the revenue and profit to be made by using and enjoying said negroes and stock.  If he die without heirs, one negro to go to his wife and the remainder of the estate to revert to me. 1 March 1785.  Both sign with their marks. Wit: Stephen Minor, D. Smith.[2]


Mary Higdon, widow, res. of this Dist., puts herself in the place of Stephen Holston for payment of $735, due and owing to Don Juan Vauchere, merchant of this Post, and binds herself to pay in 8 days from date hereof, mortgaging her whole estate. (Mary declares she cannot write.) Wit: Estevan Minor, Don Joaquim Ossorno. De Grand-Pre. // Natchez, in Fort Panmur, 10 March 1787.   Don Juan Vauchere acknowledges to have rec'd. the above mentioned. Signed J. Vauchere. Wit: Joseph Calvit, Louis Chachere. Carlos de Grand-Pre.[3]


John Marney to Joseph Calvit a stud horse, named “Ranger”, which I purchased of Thos. and George Blackmore, for an obligation given by Daniel Broadhead for four negroes, 12, De. 1785 which Calvit has delivered to me in payment, the said Marney to deliver to Calvit 8000 pounds of good tobacco at Natchez the next March ensuing; but in case Marney shall not be able to recover the four negroes above mentioned by proceedings at law for that purpose, the said obligation shall be returned to said Calvit who shall in like manner return the horses, if living, and if the horse shall have died in the meantime to account for same.[4]


The will of Richard Carpenter, of Natchez, merchant, includes a long list of those who owe the estate money, and on that list are William Calvit, Joseph Calvit, and Fred. Calvit.[5]


Will of Anne Gaillard, sick and weak; legatees: daughter Anne Savage; niece Betsey Gaillard, daughter Margaret Gaillard, this plantation of three tracts. All my lands in South Carolina to be sold unless my children choose to settle on them.  Estate to be divided: one-fourth to son Isaac; one-fourth to dau. Anne Savage; one-fourth to dau. Margaret Gaillard, and one-fourth to my three grand-children, viz.: Benj. Farrar, Anne Frances Farrar and Peggy Farrar.  Also $60 a year for five years to be paid annually for education of two boys of Mrs. Phoebe Calvit, and $20 to Phoebe Calvit; also $60 a year for five years, paid annually, for education of two boys, sons of Mr. John Lusk.  Son Isaac, daus. Anne Savage and Margaret Gaillard exrs and trustees for my three grand-children, Benj., Anne Frances and Peggy Farrar. Nov. 3, 1788.  Signed Anne Gaillard. Wit: Sutton Banks, Margaret Tyler, Charlotte Surgett, William Case, David Mitchell, and Henry Roach. A copy of the original transmitted to the Capital to the Superior Tribunal of this Province. Chas. De Grand-Pre.[6]


Joseph Calvit and Jeptha Higdon are among the book accounts of Francisco Bazo, of Natchez, merchant.[7]


Jeptha Higdon owes to Clark and Rees $1200 mortgages 600 arpents with house and sundry buildings on a branch of St. Catherine's Creek, ca 10 miles from Fort, b. by Frederick Calvit, Gabriel Griffing and Benjamin Curtis. // 8 Aug. 1794.  Ebenezer Rees ack. that Jeptha Higdon had paid him $651 in two slaves which he has delivered and the balance due is $548.[8]


William Calvit to Don Peter Surget is indebted in sum $1303, payable yearly, mortgages plantation on Homochitto, b. on all sides by vacant lands, also plantation on which I now dwell, 800 acres, b. by lands of John Ford, William Fletcher and vacant lands. Signed. // 31 Oct. 1797. Receipt for $750 on account of foregoing; obligation of 750 acres of land is null and void. Chas. Surget. p. 477.[9]


Jeptha Higdon and Frederick Calvit owed money to the estate of Eliphalet Richards of Natchez.  The deceased owed money to William Calvit.[10]


Joseph Calvet was a witness to the estate of Daniel Mygatt, dec’d.[11]


William Colbert, of the Chickasaw Nation, bearer of a note of hand of Jeptha Higdon, for $153, which he lost in the Chickasaw Nation and never did negotiate to any person whomsoever but now has received of sd Higdon full satisfaction and payment of same, and does hereby acquit him of it and makes said note void.  The said note was given for the balance due by sd Higdon for price of a negro named "Cesar". William (X) Colbert. // p. 123. William Colbert, native of the Chickasaw Nation, bearer of a note of Charles Lucas to Benj. Belk for $100 with 7 years interest which note he received from Jeptha Higdon in payment for a debt, but having lost it in the Nation, he never received the payment or any part of it from said Lucas or any other person except the said Higdon who paid and gave full satisfaction to said Colbert for the said note; which amount is still due by sd Lucas to said Higdon 28 April 1794.  William (X) Colbert.[12]


Joseph Calvet to John Foster 138 arpents at St. Catherine’s Creek, b. by a branch of sd creek and lands of Winsor Pipes and Gideon Gibson, for $100 paid. Both sign.[13]


Joseph Calvit to Tomas Foster 380 arpents on St. Catherine’s Creek, b. by Joseph Forrester and lands of His Majesty, having acquired the land from Samuel Gibson, to whom same was granted, for $450 paid.  Both sign.[14]


Will of Samuel Rainer, Joseph Calvit was a witness.[15]


Benjamin Monsanto, deceased, William Calvit owed him money.[16]


Thomas Foster to Samuel Flower both of the Natchez District, 380 arpents on St. Catherine’s Creek, as per plat, being land I purchased from Joseph Calvit; for $500. Signed[17]


William Calvit to Don Carlos Surget, both of the District of Natchez, 750 arpents at the fork of Homochitto River, and b. as in grant to Calvit, dated 27 Feb. 1789; for $750 paid.  Signed: William Calvit, Chas. Surget. Wit: Eben. Rees, Wm. Lewis.[18]


Jeptha Higdon, of own free will and accord, security of Benj. Carroll in sum of $211 due and owing by him to sundry merchants, binds himself and estate.[19]


Mary Higdon, widow, puts herself in place of Stephen Holstein to pay sum of $735 owing by Stephen Holstein to Don Juan Vaucheret, of this Post, merchant, to pay same in eight days from date and mortgages her whole estate. Said Mary declared she could not write. Ack. before Carlos de Grand Pre.[20]


At the request of John Pickens, Don Carlos de Grand Pre repaired to the plantation of Josiah Flowers to make sale of sundry mares and horses to Pickens belonging, payable on terms with security. Buyers: Cader Raby, surety Prosper King; Samuel Head, surety Henry Kirk; Ryan Chisholm, surety David Smith; John Calvit, surety Joseph Higdon; Henry Kirk, surety Samuel Head; Stephen Richards, surety James Kirk; Waterman Crane, surety, Abraham Casamore; James Wilson, surety Thomas Bellew; John Calvit, surety Joseph* Higdon; William Glasscock, surety William Lewis; Alexander Moore, surety Daniel Maguet; Henry Kirk, surety John Calvit. * [Jeptha][21]


Inventory of property of James Smith, decd.; Widow Calvit and Joseph Calvit owed his estate money for blacksmith work.[22]


John Farhqhar declared that in Feb. 1789, he received a note drawn by Frederick Calvit, payable to bearer for $60; after some time he passed said note to Gabriel Griffing, without having recovered any part of said sum. Signed.[23]


Joseph Calvit versus John Williams.  Joseph Calvit declares that he has a mortgage on the plantation on which Major Williams resides for $400 besides interest.  The said Mr. Williams makes no use of the plantation that can turn to advantage and it has greatly depreciated since he had it in possession for want of repairs to the buildings and having permitted Mr. Dayton to cut a vast quantity of timber and take a great quantity of bark off the said plantation.  He prays that he have the plantation valued and sold.  Signed: Joseph Calvit. Dec. 19, 1792. // In consideration that the petitioner has a mortgage on the plantation, Ezekiel Dewitt and William Wicks [Weeks] are appointed appraisers.  380 arpents, 2 houses of little value, b. by St. Catherine's Cr., land of Joseph Duncan, Richard Swayze and Don Estevan Minor, appraised at $300 cash.  [Not signed]  Notice of sale in February at three different times to the highest bidder. // 6th Feb. 1793.  Don Manuel Gayoso.  At third sale adjudged to Joseph Calvit for $300, cash, the highest bidder.  Signed by Joseph Calvit, and witnesses, H. Manadue, John Arden, Joseph Vidal.  Before Bias de Bouchet.[24]


Thomas Calvit was a witness in the suit Manuel Garcia de Texada brought against Richard Trevillian.[25]


Jeptha Higdon, John Calvit, Mary Higdon, Wm. Calvit, testified as witnesses  in Ezra Marble versus David Douglas, Aug. 15, 1795.[26]


Thomas (X) Calvit gave a deposition in James Elliot versus Abner Green.  It appears that Thomas could not sign his name.[27]


Authorities warned Jeptha Higdon and others of robberies in the area and ordered him to help hunt robbers down.[28]


I, the subscriber, Hayden Wells, as exor. of the estate of Christopher Leightholder, have received of Joseph Calvit, now of Natchez, $800 for the use of said estate, being in payment of a note given by said Calvit to said Leightholder, 8 Sept 1788, which note was deposited in the hands of William Gilbert in Natchez by said Leightholder. This therefore is a full receipt and discharge. Sig: Hayden Wells. Davidson County. This day Haydon Wells came before David Hay and Lardner Clark, Justices of the Peace, and acknowledged the above receipt for the purpose therein mentioned. Signed by both. Territory of the United States South of the Ohio, Davidson County, I, Andrew Ewing, clerk of the said county, hereby certify that the within David Hay and Lardner Clark are two of the Justices of the Peace In and for the above county, etc. Sig: May 2, 1791.[29]


 (. . .)  Thomas Calvit, of Cole's Creek, when required to tell what he knew of unlawful killing of hogs in the Cole's Creek district, declared that he had lost hogs himself and he does not know who killed them but was confident that there was such a practice carried on for some time. Sig: Thomas Calvit Wit: Christopher Boiling. // Cola's Creek, 10 Feb. 1791.  (. . .)[30]


Thomas Calvit versus Arthur Cobb.  Thomas Calvit, as exor. of the will of his deceased brother, Frederick Calvit, represents that, during the lifetime of his said brother, Arthur Cobb applied to him to let the said Cobb have in his care and keeping a horse belonging to the said Calvit valued at $800 p. 261 for the purpose o knowing if he could run and with no other view whatever, promising to restore the said hose in the same condition and to pay any damages that said Calvit might suffer in the value of the said hose in his possession.  The said Calvit lent him the horse on the conditions proposed.  Sometime after, the horse being in bad condition, the said Cobb proposed to return him to Calvit, who, on being informed of his condition, refused to receive the horse, replying that Cobb should restore the horse in good condition, as he was when he received, to which Cobb replied that if the horse died he would pay for him, that if the said Calvit received he would hold himself responsible.  On those terms, Calvit received the horse back from Cobb and in the course of a month the horse died.  Calvit demand payment from Cobb who proposed to compromise the matter and give a negro in payment which he valued at $600.  Some difficulties took place and the matter remained unsettled and Cobb, to the knowledge of your petitioner, amused Frederick with almost daily proposition respecting the payment and confiding in his promises.  Calvit took no legal steps and, on the promises of Cobb not being realized, Calvit died and his heirs remain unpaid; asks that Cobb be made to pay the aforesaid sum of $600, and default to compel him thereto by the rigor of the law.  John Boles, John Smith, Grover Morris can testify to the above.  Thomas (X) Calvit. Natchez, 23 Sept. 1791. // Same date.  Let the person named in the foregoing petition appear before me. //  Personally appeared John Boles, who, being duly sworn, declared that on a certain day, at the landing of this Post, he met Arthur Cobb and asked him the condition of the horse he had in his possession belonging to Calvit, which horse he had heard was sick, to which Cobb replied that the horse was very sick and he expected he would die in which case he would have to pay for him.  Boles is 46 years old. Sig: John Boles. //  I do certify that I was at the house of Mr. Frederick Calvit at the time Cobb brought and delivered to the said Calvit a stud horse, the property of said Calvit, which horse was dangerously hurt while in the possession of said Cobb and upon Cobb saying he was sure the horse would die the said Cobb said he would agree to pay the whole price of the said horse or a part, which of the two I am no at all clear but believe that he did agree to pay for the said horse.  Signed: George W. Morris.[31]


Joseph Calvit versus William Gilbert. Calvit petitions that in 1788 he was compelled to give to Christopher Leightholder $800, being security in behalf of John Montgomery, which note was deposited here in the hands of Wm. Gilbert and since paid in full proved by annexed document, legalized at Nashville, asks that William Gilbert give up said note to the petitioner. Sig: Joseph Calvit. 28 Apr. 1792. // Mr. William Gilbert will return to Mr. Calvit the note mentioned in the above petition, or appear before me. // Having heard Mr. Wm. Gilbert and viewed a copy of the will of Mr. Christopher Leightholder, properly authenticated and an acquittance for the note by the exors. of the will, Mr. Gilbert shall give up the said note, after receiving an indemnifying receipt from Mr. Calvit. Sig: Gayoso.[32]


Thomas Calvit versus Arthur Cobb, referred to Ezekiel Forman, Samuel Flower, William Vousdan.  In compliance with Your Excellency's order, 14 July 1792, the matter of Thomas Calvit, representing Frederick Calvit, and Arthur Cobb, after several postponement, was heard and the evidences being so contradictory, the decision is rendered very disagreeable to the arbitrators.  [Reviews testimony at long length and repetition.]  Above arbitrators to meet again and the parties agree to abide their decision, two other arbitrators to be appointed to serve with the three above. Signed: Gayoso.[33]


Thomas Calvit was one of the two arbiters in Peter Bryan Bruin versus John George.[34]


Benjamin Steel versus William Calvit. Steel petitions that William Calvit by false representation made by him, Your Excellency did order John Smith, Esquire to execute property of the petitioner, that William Calvit’s claim was erroneous as the petitioner did not receive the number of logs as he alleges, a great difference In the sum owed him can be proved by an agreement in the hands of John Wiley, and the notice of seizure was not delivered to him as he was In the swamp making a raft to go to N. O. and on his return found that his property had been taken from him without his knowledge and without an opportunity of making his defense. 10 June 1794. // Constable will order William Calvit to appear next Wed. with the petitioner and they are to bring with them their articles of proof and necessary witnesses. John Wiley, Samuel Osborn to appear. // Aug. 6, 1794. Mr. John Girault will examine the accounts between the parties and make a statement of it. // The representation of Benj. Steel being just, William Calvit who led myself and John Smith, Esq. into error to obtain the execution of the property of Mr. Benj. Steel is hereby ordered to return the property to him clear of cost and Steel is to deposit into the office of the records the above balance of $22 to be paid to Calvit upon his returning the property executed. Signed: Manuel Gayoso de Lemos. //[35]


Daniel Griffin versus Mary Calvit.  Petitioner represents that he received a note from John Farquhar drawn by Frederick Calvit, deceased, for $70 which note your petitioner lost in 1789, at which time, with the Governor's permission, he gave public notice thereof, and the said note not appearing your petitioner demanded payment from the widow of said Calvit, who refused payment unless your petitioner could produce said note. Sig: Gabriel Griffin. // To be communicated to the widow.[36]


Joseph Calvit versus Benj. Carrol who owes him $3; asks for an execution against sd Carrol.[37]


Richard Harrison versus Jeptha Higdon, who owes him $50 and he asks payment of same.  15 Oct. 1783.[38]


Wm. Hurlburt versus Joseph Calvit, indebted to him for $26, asks that he be condemned to make payment with cost of suit. Jany. 13, 1784. Signed. //  Let the deft. be notified to pay, etc.  Trevino.[39]


William Calvit versus Daniel Higdon, who owes him $922, on a bond, of which he lately paid $100, and it was agreed that the matter be settled by arbitration, but on the day set Higdon did not attend, wherefore the petitioner asks that the same be settled by Your Honor. June 21, 1784. Signed. // Let | Daniel Higdon and petitioner be notified to appear before me at first audience. Trevino.[40]


Thomas Calvit provided a declaration in Cato West versus John Smith.  He was asked to be one of three to estimate damages.[41]


Claim No. 117. (Reg. 12 Jany. 1804.)  Bargain and sale.  7 Aug. 1782.  Isaac Johnson to Nathaniel Tomlinson, 500 arpens on Petit Gulph, land purchased at public auction of confiscated property of the fugitive rebel, John Turner; for $187. Both sign. (Natchez records, Bk. A-109.) // p. 319.  25 July 1801.  Nathaniel Tomlinson to Joseph Calvit, both of Adams County, Miss. Ter., for $1000 in hand, the above 500 acres.  Wit: D. Michie, James Williams.   [No file.][42]


Claim No. 118. (Reg. 12 Jan. 1804.) Sp. grant to Joseph Calvit, 386 arpens in Natchez District on waters of St. Catherine's Cr., 7 miles NE from Fort Panmure, b. by Benj. Belk, Winson Pipes, Daniel Whitaker, Gideon Gibson and Joseph Foster. 12 June 1788.   [No file.][43]


Claim No. 139. (Reg. 18 Jany. 1804.) Spanish grant to Thomas Calvit, 800 acres In the Dist. of Natchez, on banks of Miss. River, below Little Gulf, 25 miles NE from Fort Panmure, b. by Peter Belly and Nathaniel Tomlinson, on other by Philip Alston. N. O. lat Apr. 1795.   [No file.][44]


Claim No. 140. (Reg. 18 Jany. 1804.) Sp. grant to Thomas Calvit, 200 acres in the Dist. of Natchez, on waters of Cole's Cr., 25 miles north of Fort Panmure, b. by land of Mr. Barbour, Richard Deval, the banks of the lake on the west and vacant land. The plan in English for the comprehension of the grantee. N. O. 7 May 1789.   [No file.][45]


Claim No. 141. (Reg. 18 Jany. 1804.) Sp. grant to Thos. Calvet, 200 arpens in the Dist. of Natchez, on waters of Cole's Cr., 25 miles NE from Fort Panmure, b. on all sides by land of His Majesty and not granted. N. O. 27 Feb. 1789.   [No file.][46]


Claim No. 340. Spanish gr. to Jeptha Higdon, 400 acres, 18 mi. NE. of Fort, b. lands of Frederick Calvet and those of His Majesty, a league below Petit Gulf. N. O. 20 Nov. 1793, by Carondelet. // File. Claimant, Jeptha Higdon, 25 Feb. 1804. Wit: Wm. Atchinson, 28 Nov. 1804.  Certificate 83, Issued to Benj. Belk, assignee. Miss. Ter. Jefferson Co., Jeptha Higdon claims 400 acres on the Miss. River in afsd county, by virtue of the above patent Jeptha (X) Higdon.[47]


Claim No. 353. Spanish gr. to Frederick Calvet, 500 acres, 12 mi. from Fort to north, b. by leant lands. N. O. 15 Mch. 1788. // File. Claimant, heirs of Frederick Calvet, 28 Feb. 1804. Wit: John Bolls, 23 May 1804. Certif. A-85 Issued to claimants. Claim of Elizabeth Wells and Levi Wells, Lucretia Stewart and James Stewart, Montford Calvet, Alexander Calvet, Joseph Calvet and Mary Calvet, heirs and legal representatives of Frederick, deed., subscribing claimant was the widow, for DO acres as above, (signed) Mary Roberts for the sd heirs.[48]


Claim No. 703. Survey of 200 arpents for Anthony Calvit, on east bank of the Miss. River, near Petit Gulf, 30 ml. north of the Fort, as by plat, 2 Nov. 1704. (signed) Wm. Dunbar, Dep. Surv. Plat shows land adj of Jeptha Higdon and Peter Belly. // File. Claimant, A. Calvit, 18 March 1804. Wit: Thomas Calvit, 8 May 1805. Certif. B-279.  The said tract was Inhabited and cultivated for the benefit of sd Anthony Calvit In 1795.[49]


Claim No. 704. Spanish grant to William Calvit, 800 acres on Sandy Creek, 18 miles east of Fort, all sides vacant. N. O. 15 Men. 1788 by Miro. Plat and certificate by Wm. Dunbar. // File. Claimant, heirs of William Calvet, deed. Wit: Peter Nelson. Claim signed by Anthony Calvet, one of the said heirs.[50]


Claim No. 730. Spanish gr. to Richard Trevillian, 264 acres on Cole's Creek, in Dist. of Natchez, b. by Anthony Hutchins and Caspar Sinclair. N. O., 17 March 1796, by Carondelet. // p. 325. Petition of Manuel Texada, res. of the dist., that Richard Trevillian, an inhabitant, is indebted to him for $303, for hire of negroes, which sum was to have been paid Feb. 1790; asks that he be ordered to pay sum, its tenth and cost. Signed. Natchez, 29 Aug. 1792. // Same date, order that Richard Trevillian settle at once with Mr. Texada. Gayoso. // Texada petitions that so much of Trevillian's property be executed as will suffice to pay him. Oct. 1, 1792. // Inventory of Trevillian’s estate ordered made by Thomas M. Green and Thomas Calvet. // March 9, 1793, the plantation was put up and bid in for $150 by Manuel Texada. // p. 328.  Deed. Manuel Texada to Cato West, of Villa Gayoso Dist., 264 acres gr. Richard Trevillian, for $300. 7 March 1798.  Both signed. Witness: Ebenezer Rees, Lacy Rumsey. Before Stephen Minor. // File. Claimant, Cato West, 19 March 1804. Wit: James Truly. Certif. C-9, 3 Feb. 1807.   (Conflicting with No. 763.) Claim as above.[51]


Claim No. 938. Spanish gr. to William Calvet, 750 acres on Homochitto, 30 mi. SE of Fort, N. O. 27 Feb. 1789, by Miro. Plat shows In Morgan's fork of Homochitto.   [No file.][52]


Spanish grant to Benj. Fletcher, 26 Dec. 1798, William Calvit was a witness.[53]


Claim No. 1065. Certificate of survey of 300 acres from the Spanish Govt, to Frederick Calvet, on Miss. River, facing the island below Little Gulf, 80 mi. NNE of the Fort. Natchez, 26 July 1792. (signed) William Dunbar. Plat shows Jeptha Higdon on one side. // File. Claimant, heirs of Frederick Calvet, 24 Mch. 1804. Wit: Wm. Atchinson, 20 July 1804. Certif. B-241 Issued 30 Mch. 1807. Levi Well, Elizabeth Wells, James Stewart, Lucretia Stewart, Montfort Calvet, Alexander Calvet, Joseph Calvet and Mary Calvet, the legal heirs of Frederick Calvet, deed., claim 300 acres in Jefferson Co. on the Miss. River, it being part of a tract gr. to Frederick Calvet by an order of survey by the Spanish Govt By Mary Roberts, for the heirs afsd.[54]


Jeptha Higdon, claimant, 25 Feb. 1804. Wit: Wm. Atchinson, 28 Nov. 1804. Certif. B-278 issued 3 June 1807. Jeptha Higdon claims a right to 718 acres on St. Catherine's Cr. in Adams Co. by virtue of a warrant of survey granted to him by the Spanish Govt. 1787. Certificate of survey and plat by Wm. Atchinson.[55]


Claimant, Thomas Calvit, 19 Men. 1804. Wit: Wm. Atchinson, 16 June 1804. The claimant appeared before the Board and relinquished the within claim, (signed) Thos. H. Williams, Register. 24 Feb. 1808. (See No. 140.) Thomas Calvit claims 300 acres of land In Jefferson Co. being a part of a warrant of survey for 500 acres Issued In 1788 or 1789 by the Surveyor Gent of the Prov. of Louisiana in his favor.  The warrant of survey was returned to the Spanish Govt. in N. O. and a copy of which, the claimant, if possible will obtain, etc.[56]


Claimant: Mary Oliver, 22 Mar. 1804. Witness: Hardy Ellis, 6 June 1804. Certificate A-690 Issued to T. Calvit, assignee, Jan. 8, 1806. Miss. Ter. Jefferson Co. Mary Oliver claims 150 acres in said county on the waters of Cole's Creek about 3 miles from Petit Gulf, by virtue of its having been inhabited and cultivated previous to 27 Oct. 1795 for her use and benefit.  The claimant was at that time at the head of a family and had been an inhabitant of the territory for about 20 years. [No paper snowing transfer to Calvit][57]


Thomas Calvit was a witness to a land claim by T. M. Green, 8 Oct. 1804.[58]


Claimant: Thomas Calvet, 29 Nov. 1804. Wit: William Atchinson, 29 Nov. 1804. William Fairbanks 28 Jan. 1805. Certificate B-244, issued 4 Mar. 1807. Miss. Ter., Jefferson Co. Thomas Calvet, a resident of the territory afsd., claims 500 arpents in sd county on Cole's Cr., by virtue of a Spanish order of survey to Richard Duvall, 23 Feb. 1789, and patented to him 24 Dec. 1797, who was at the date of the warrant the head of a family, and 21 years of age. He conveyed it to the present claimant, 1 June 1792. Said tract has been inhabited, cultivated and improved on and before 27 Oct 1795 by sd Calvet to the present time.[59]

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