(John Belushi in Animal House)

My Freshman Year-

    The year started off with me getting involved in a few activities.  I became an aviation ambassador (I give tours at the airport), joined Crew (rowing team) for about a month then quit, joined Honors Society (so I can register early) and also became a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.   Since then I've gone floating down a river, had to get a job from 11-3 at night to pay bills, fixed my car a few times, made late night runs to fast food (Richard!!), got in trouble for a shaving cream fight, learned to play backgammon, gone to two sorority formals, (ours is yet to come), had a near emergency flying, taken up 35% of the schools bandwidth, struggled to keep a 3.0 so I can keep my scholarship and  made great friends and have had a great time.  Lets just hope I  keep my scholarship so I can come back next year and make more memories. 

This summer I get to stay here to work on my commercial rating and lifeguard at the pool. 

Stay tuned for my Sophomore, Junior and Senior entries. 


This year has been a lot of fun and is almost over.  Thanks to all my friends for making this possible



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