One of the most important and things that have meaning to me is my family. Since I can remember, family was the most important, most valued thing in my life. Our family takes great pride in the fact that we always stick together.


When I was growing up, I played a lot of sports and was part of many teams. My parents did their best to support me in everything and anything. They came to every game, drove me to every practice, and were there every time I fell down. This support helped shape me to want to be a generous, caring, and honest person.


My two sisters have helped support my life. We are each others best friend, and when I left home to go to school, they were totally supportive. We encourage each other and show great trust.


This love of family has transitioned over to other areas of my life. In team sports, I feel a sense of family for my team mates and their families. In on the job experience, I am able to build quality relationships because of the relationships I value and have experienced.


I truly believe that though many things may come in life, you start and end with your family, and nothing can destroy that bond you have with the ones you love. 



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