Scott Kimbrough

Professor of Philosophy
Chair, Division of Humanities
Jacksonville University
2800 University Boulevard North
Jacksonville, FL 32211
(904) 256-7118
Office: Council 121
Office hours: after class or by appointment
e-mail address:

Schedule for Spring Semester 2015

Further Information

Folio Weekly profile entitled "The Orca Might Eat You: And Other Things Philosopher Scott Kimbrough Wants You to Consider"



Abstracts of papers I've written

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Philosophy students excel at the GRE and LSAT.

Philosophy majors make money! In the 2013 study reported on, the median salary for philosophy majors ten years after graduation is higher than the median salary for majors in business, nursing, psychology, biology, and other more "practical" majors.

A study by the Association of American Colleges and Universities finds that humanities and social science majors make more money on average in their peak earning years than pre-professional majors.

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