3D Magazines
3Dup.com The Computer Graphics Portal
A portal website containing a number of different resources for 2D and 3D design. Multimedia news from around the world, as well as user galleries and forums.

AV Video: Multimedia Producer
If multimedia is your game, this is a magazine to check out. Has articles reviewing and discussing new technology in the computer graphics world.

C3 Magazine
C3 is a magazine dedicated to design and visualization using 3D graphics. Explores both the technology and business behind this growing industry.

Cinefex Magazine
A magazine dedicated to visual effects for the film industry. If you like visual effects this is the magazine to check out to find out how certain effects were created.

An online resource for the visual effects community with articles on the art, technology and business of visual effects. This site offers daily news on projects, technology, workshops and festivals, job listings, credits search as well as feature stories.

Covers all relevant video disciplines: digital nonlinear editing and post production, camera techniques, graphics and animation, technology tutorials, and hands-on new-product news and reviews.

Game Developer

Focuses on the creation of content and programming for games. Great resource if this is your passion.

Computer Graphics

Good reviews and industry information. Also covers international studios and artists.

DV Magazine
The best source of information for Digital Video and the creation of content for video distribution.

3D Artist
Looks relatively low end, but is chock full of tutorials and techniques.

 MacAddict Magazine
All that is Mac and Mac-like. Lots of attitude, fun reading. Perfect for the Mac fan and user.

Government Video
Technical articles and techniques, product coverage for practical video production.

Digital Television
Provides professionals with information about digital television and high definition. Also has articles on the business, law, regulatory, technical, and consumer issues of this new medium.

Design in Motion
Online magazine. Lots of articles on digital content creation. Always looking for stories.

Digital Producer
Online Magazine. Lots of online articles and tutorials. Gives away prizes every month.

3D World
Great magazine out of the United Kingdom. Quality articles and good how-tos.

Computer Arts
Full of great articles and tutorials the cover various applications.

CG Channel
A website dedicated to the world of computer graphics, art and technology that is updated several times a day. This site contains the latest industry news, from around the world and the web. Tutorials, product reviews and interviews with industry professionals are being addes all the time.

Visual Magic Magazine
Online magazine devoted to 3D animation and visual effects. Contains interviews with some of the industry's top artists, in depth software reviews, as well as complex articles that focus on universal techniques that everyone can use for their work.