Contests and Festivals
Anima Mundi 2000
ANIMA MUNDI is the animation festival of Latin America, that offers the Brazilian audience the best works of independent animation, the most recent studio productions and important retrospectives. The main goal of this annual event has been to present animation in its diversity of styles, techniques and subject matters.

Computer Graphics International
The CG International conference is hosted by MIRALab, University of Geneva, Switzerland. For entry guidelines visit their web site.

The Monte-Carlo Television Festival aims to highlight the importance of computer graphics in broadcast and content media, and fulfills this ambition by the following : - The competition will be judged by a panel of internationally renowned experts who have, themselves, brought innovation to the Festival in previous years - The awards ceremony and the exhibition will be an excellent promotional opportunity for the films that are screened.

The Big Kahuna Awards
Held every Spring at the 3D Design Conference and Expo hosted by 3D Design Magazine.

The Maui Film Festival
A huge event honoring films and recognized directors, as well as the small time film and animation maker.

Media Masters Awards
This one is held by DV Magazine. Finalists are shown and announced at the DV Conference and Expo in Pasadena in October every year.

Siggraph Electronic Theatre
Hottest graphics show of the year, during July/August. Animations featured in past years have been Academy Award winners. For more info contact the Siggraph Organization.

Spike and Mike's
Sick and Twisted Animation Festival

Always a great festival to make every year. Not necessarily some of the best animation, but certainly the sickest.
619-459-8707 / 619-459-8722

The Internet Raytracing Competition
Monthly image contest on the Internet. A great place to start.

The Digital Film Festival
International film festival. Tours around the world.

Reject Film Festival
Been turned down by a bunch of other festivals? These guys want you!

RESFEST Digital Film Festival
RESFEST is a touring festival dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of digital filmmaking. They showcase innovative short films that have been empowered by new digital production tools. Categories include: ResFest Shorts (1-12 minutes), Cinema Electronica (music and music videos), ResFest Longform (12-30 minutes), Digital Features (Feature length films) and Interactive Program.

RESFEST Digital Film Festival
109 Minna Street, Suite 390
San Francisco, CA 94105

Berlin International Film Festival
Held in February every year. Accepts many different types of films and animations. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin Potsdamer Strasse 5 D - 10785 Berlin Tel.: +49 30/25 920 + App. Fax: +49 30/25 920 - 299 e-mail:

Shorts International Film Festival
The Shorts International Film Festival, was developed to create a platform solely dedicated to the art of the short film. Shorts International Film Festival Inc., is a non-profit organization that will promote short films, act as a liaison between the filmmaker and industry insiders and provide a forum through which a variety of venues will be created.

Axiem Awards
Competition for creative excellence in electronic media: Television, Radio, Film, Animation, Internet and Interactive. Deadline usually in March.
Axiem Awards
1719 West Main Street
Rapid City, SD 57702

NewMedia Invision Awards
An international contest and festival for digital media.

Prix Ars Electronica
An international competition for Cyberarts. Held in Austria but welcomes entries from all over the world. Huge cash prize.

World Animation Celebration
A panel of world-renowned animation experts preside over the international competition, to present awards to the best from more than 20 categories. Entries entered out of competition will be showcased along with a full schedule of special tributes, artist profiles, and works created with the latest innovations in the art form.

California SUN International Animation Festival
Animators from all over the world are invited to submit their work. Festival features traditional, experimental, computer and other types of animation.

Arizona State University Filmfest
There will be no entry fee for submitting films/videos. Go their web site to see how easy it is to enter your work. Guidelines are very loose: Short films and videos are accepted. Projects should be no longer than 10 minutes in length. They will accept work up to twelve minutes in length, but "if you haven't hooked us by the first 10 minutes, that's all the jurors will watch."

Vancouver Effects and Animation Festival
Submissions must contain one or all of the following: computer imagery, 2D/3D animation and/or visual/special effects, stop motion models, or hand drawn/painted animation.


In Depth Arts
Site that offers a public gallery and has frequent contests for artists to get noticed.

3D Artists
A huge collection of work from very talented 3D artists. Submit your works and have them displayed next to some of the best in the industry.