Royalty Free
1000 Skies
If you have ever needed a very hi-res panorama sky texture this site will solve all of your problems. Tons of quality panorama sky pictures in very high resolution.

3D Spline
A selection of tileable textures.

3D Tronic
Free Textures - 300+ digital photographed textures with a new edition

3Dup Free Textures
Need some free textures? This site will help you find a texture you need from a nice size list of categories.

Australian Weather Photography
Great reference for any type of weather system. Huge database of cloud images and much more.

DeepShade - The Shader Club
The best resource for CINEMA 4D textures.

Digital Dreams 3D
Great resource for royalty free textures. Offers 3d models as well.

Environment Pictures
A site that is useful for getting environment pictures. Contains several beautiful pictures that would be great for background images in an outdoor landscape scene. This site is only in German but it is very easy to navigate through this site.

Forest Gump Textures
A well designed site that has 857 texure maps in 15 different categories.

Great site that has 8 different texture packs that include many well crafted textures. These textures are mainly designed for use with game creation, but a lot of them can be used with any 3d scene.

Logo Types
Need a specific logo? Find it here. A great resource with hundreds of logos ready for use.

Maps of the Solar System
Great site with hi-res maps of the solar system all in .tif format.

NOCTUA Graphics
Over 375 free textures and a SLA material preset available for download . Also offers 2 CD's for sale that are designed for Cinema 4D.

Texturator - Seamless Textures
Great archive of free public textures that have a wide array of categories.

Textures Accueil
Over 1000 high quality royalty free textures.

The 3D Studio Texture Library
This site features over 20 categories of free and quite useful textures as well as bump maps.

Nicely designed site that has a great database of royalty free textures.

3D Cafe
Models, Textures, Tips, links to other web sites, etc.

James Hastings-Trew, Astronomy Maps
Really nice planet textures. Royalty free!

Amazing 3D
Both tileable and non-tileable materials in various categories. The materials and randomly selected form their achieve

3D Zone
A collection of textures with bump maps to match each one.

Zoo Render
Many free textures and large gallery.

Stormvision 3D
The ultimate free texture resource.Includes 7 categories of photo realistic textures in zip files.

Public Textures
Many textures that can be used as backgrounds. There is also a cd-rom filled with textures that is avalible to purchase.

A Growing site with 10 categories of free textures and images including seamless textures.

Texture Cube
This site offers many high quality textures. No sign ups, no membership fees, just download and enjoy.

Franceschi Francesco's Free Tools
Features a nice collection of textures for use on 3D objects among other things.

A great resource for textures especially backgrounds.

Axeman╣s 3D Homepage
Contains many textured models.

Site contains many useful textures many of which are great for ornamentation.

Absolute Cross Textures
This site features tons of seamless textures.

NawYecky Texture╣s
Interesting wall and floor textures.


A Luna Blue
A Luna Blue provides royalty free stock footage and images. Digitally produced for broadcast, desktop publishing and all new media.

Digital Landscape
A texture CD that contains precise maps of all the continents located on earth.

Marlin Studios
Offers 12 texture libraries on individual CD-Roms, with many more currently in development. These textures are now being used around the world by top graphics artists and studios for high-profile games, films, TV commercials, advertising and general 2D/3D art.

Modern Medium
Not the highest resolution, but very inexpensive.

Texture World
Organic textures. Textures are sold in individual sets or together.

Over 2,500 royalty free tileable texture maps and photo-realistic clip art libraries. Available individually or in sets on CD-ROM.