The Joy of Flying

            Ever since I first my first flight as a child in a small, four-passenger Cessna the only thing I have ever wanted to do in life was to work with airplanes and to become a pilot. The feeling of floating thousands of feet in the air in a space that normally only the birds can reach is indescribable. It has always been my dream to fly and in pursuit of that dream I came to Jacksonville University to enroll in their Aeronautics Program. Recently I was hospitalized after collapsing at work for reasons that are still unsure and because of this I have had to drop from the Flight Operations program. However, despite this, I do not view this as an end but instead an obstacle that must be overcome. Now my focus is to become an Air Traffic Controller and to continue my passion for aviation in a new direction and, although I may not be flying those giant commercial jets, I will return to the skies.