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The search for a job that provides an exciting work environment and a flexible schedule, while also providing a six-figure income, can lead a job seeker to many different industries.  While the type of employment that satisfies these requirements for an individual is subjective, work as a Garde Manger Chef certainly meets these guidelines.   By taking a look inside the many aspects which encompass this job title, it becomes evident that a prospective Garde Manger must have an understanding of the industry he or she is about to enter.  The following research was conducted in an effort to help both, the author and readers, gain insight into the culinary arts industry.  Research consisted of analysis of scholarly databases and websites, and provides current statistical information on the state of the cooking industry.  First, an in-depth look into the industry will be provided.  Next, details of a five-star employer in this field will be presented.  Finally, a specific career path toward attaining this employment goal will be outlined.  In the end, a better understanding of this niche in our national economy will be better understood.