Heroes and Heroines

"This course examines various aspects of heroes and heroines, or should I perhaps say what it is that we perceive to be a hero or heroine. In the process we will examine themes from the ancient to modern world including the Heroic Code, and how and why women were or were not a part of this code. If you think about it, our heroes and heroines are everywhere: sports, politics, religion, patriots, artists and even the classroom!  We will also examine the thesis of heroic scholars such as Campbell and Leeming. Do we agree with them? Do all heroes and heroines fit their models? We will find many of the answers on our journey of discovery!  We will also examine the hero in media, film, literature and myth. Have the criteria for evaluating heroes and heroines changed?  I certainly have a lot of questions and I am sure that you will too" - Dr. Carol Barnett, Humanities Professor
April Nudo 
Victoria Jones