Women in Western Culture

  Women in Western Cultures was a special topics honors seminar developed by Dr. Carole Barnett (HUM 399H) and first taught in the fall of 1999 at Jacksonville University. This was a survey course which explored various issues associated with Women in Western Culture incorporating depth, breadth and an interdisciplinary focus (literature, philosophy, art, history, music, science and film). Students each produced a portfolio project examining some aspect of the lives of women. This site contains useful links and some of the web pages designed as a project by students in this course. Other portfolio and final projects included film, audio interviews and scrapbooks tracing the women in family histories. Our examination of women ranged from women on the farm to women in aviation and provided all of us with a richer understanding of who we are and how we are perceived.

Class Members:  Anna Marino, Mikie Flight, Sara Beth Keough, Leasa Kowalski, Erin Davis, Toni Spickler, Jessica Collins, Carmen Essa, Jennifer Hecht, Adam Wiley, William Cleckler, Megan Libby and Alana Keough.

Women in Aviation

Women in Athletics

Comprehensive Women in History Link