Thursday, March 03, 2005

Binky Blight

Last night we decided to finally rid Nerissa of the binky once and for all. I hid it and at bedtime when she asked for it I told her it went away and I can't find it. She went through her half-cry of "I want it, get it daddy..." but I kept insisting that it was no longer to be found and that it went to a baby who needs it more.

After about 45 minutes of explaining and reassuring, and Nerissa mourning the loss (even to the point of asking me to stay with her in her room, hugging and consoling her, she finally seemed to accept the fact that her binky left and went to a baby. I got up to leave her room and she cried harder than she had all night, yet within 15 seconds she was asleep. It sure was an exhausting experience for both of us.

This morning she told mommy that the binky "went left" and "now the baby doesn't cry anymore" :)