My Hero


            There are many different people who cross one’s life path, many of them inspire

you. The one person who inspires me the most is my mother. She is such a remarkable person.  She is my hero. She is kind, loving, and unselfish. She always thinks of others first and the last person she considers is herself. When I have the chance to do special things for her to show her how much that I appreciate her?

My mother is very supportive and we have a special bond. The relationship is not like any other mother and daughter relationship of which I know. I call my mother two to three times a day, asking her how she is doing and how her day is progressing.  My mother is like my very good friend. I go to her and seek advice and often receive wisdom.  My mother has always sacrificed for me and always has time to help me with homework even though she was working.

The most valuable lesson my mother has taught me is about trust, responsibility, and sacrifice. She teaches me that a person may not always get everything that they desire, but patient and it will come to you someday. I have grown to be a mature and responsible woman because of my mother. I value life, and I hope to someday raise my children the way that my mother raised me. I hope to give my children what my mother has given me.  I look up to her because she raised two daughters as a single parent.