Jesse Hingson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History

Jacksonville University

Department of History (Social Sciences)

Gooding Building 215

Jacksonville, FL 32211

(904) 256-7215



Ph.D., Latin American History, Florida International University, December 2003

  • Dissertation: “Savages Into Citizens: Families, Political Purge, and Reconciliation in Córdoba, Argentina, 1820-1862,” Mark D. Szuchman, director

M.A., United States History, Marshall University, 1996

B.A., History, Marshall University, 1993


Academic Appointments:

Assistant Professor, Jacksonville University, 2008-Present

Assistant Professor, Georgia College and State University, 2004-2008

Instructor, Manatee Community College (now State College of Florida), 2002-2004

Adjunct Instructor, Florida International University, 1998, 2001-2002

Adjunct Instructor, Barry University, 2001-2002

Adjunct Instructor, Miami-Dade Community College, 1998-1999, 2001-2002

Consultant, Distance Education Program, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, 1999

Teaching Assistant, Florida International University, 1995-1996

Tutor, Upward Bound Program, Marshall University, 1994-1995

Instructor, Yeager Honors Program, Marshall University, 1994-1995


Teaching Fields

  • Latin American History
  • World History
  • Gender and Race in the Americas
  • United States-Latin American Relations


Survey Courses Taught

  • The Modern World
  • World Civilizations I and II
  • Western Civilizations I and II
  • United States History I and II
  • Introduction to the Social Sciences
  • Introduction to American Government
  • Introduction to International Relations


Upper-Level Courses Taught

  • Techniques of History (Introduction to Historical Methods)
  • Colonial Latin American History
  • Modern Latin American History
  • Latin American Military History
  • United States-Latin American Relations
  • Argentina
  • Cuba
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Modern Andean History
  • Central America
  • Contemporary Latin American Culture (Modern Languages Department)


Books and Monographs:

Terror and Pardon in Córdoba, Argentina during the Rosas Era (in preparation to be submitted to the Penn State University Press).

Making the Invisible Visible: Scholarship on the African Experience in Mexico and the Southern Cone, with Roberto Pacheco, (unpublished manuscript).


Articles and Chapters:

“Teachable Monuments: Integrating Heritage Tourism into a Modern Latin American History Course”, Hispanic American Historical Review (under review).

“Local Aspects of Political Surveillance: The Juntas Clasificadoras of Córdoba, Argentina during the Rosas Era,” The Latin Americanist (forthcoming).

“Childhood Memories and the Politics of Justice in Post-Rosas Argentina: The Restitution Suit of Olalla Alvarez” Girls in the World: A Global Anthology, edited by Colleen Vasconcellos (Piscataway, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2010), 105-123.

“Open Veins, Hidden Transcripts: The National Security Archive as a Tool for Critical Pedagogy in the College Classroom,” Radical History Review, Issue 102 (Fall 2008), 90-98.

“Love and Authority in Argentina (Nineteenth Century),” in Children and Youth in World History, edited by Miriam Forman-Brunell and Kelly Schrum. Washington, DC: Center for History and New Media, 2008.

“’Savages’ Into Supplicants: Subversive Women and Restitution Petitions in Córdoba, Argentina during the Rosas Era,” The Americas 64, no. 1 (July 2007), 59-85.

“Bibliographical Sources on Africans in Mexico and Argentina,” Papers of the Fiftieth Annual Meeting of the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (2005).

“’Arroz con Mango’: An Interview with Manuel Moreno Fraginals,” with Roberto Pacheco. Atlantic Millennium, vol. 5, (Fall 1997): 1-13.



“Carlos Menem”, “Jacobo Timmerman”, “Jorge Videla” in Encyclopedia of US-Latin American Relations. (CQ Press, forthcoming 2012).

 “Uruguay”, “Ecuador”, “Bolivia”, and “Chile” in Encyclopedia of Free Blacks and People of Color in the Americas. Edited by Steward R. King. (Facts on File, forthcoming 2011).

“War Crimes in Chile” War Crimes and Trials: A Historical Encyclopedia (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC Clio, 2009).

“Afro-Chile” in Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora: Origins, Experiences, and Culture (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC Clio, 2008).

“Mexico”, “Afro-Mexican Identity”, “Industrialization”, “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions”, “Paraguay”, and “Uruguay” in Africa and the Americas: History, Culture, and Politics (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC Clio, 2008).

“William Walker” in Encyclopedia of Slave Resistance and Rebellions (Greenwood Press, 2007).

“Racism in the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars”, “Racism in the Mexican-American War”, and “Mestizos” in United States at War: Understanding Conflict and Society (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC Clio, 2006).


Book/Film Reviews:

The Battle of Chile (film) by Patricio Guzmán. Reviewed in Anthropology Review Database (October 2010).

Cartoneros (film) by Ernesto Livon-Grosman. Reviewed in Anthropology Review Database (June 2010).

Colombia and the United States: The Making of an Inter-American Alliance, 1939-1960 by Bradley Coleman.  Reviewed in The Historian. 72, no. 3 (Fall 2010), 641-642.

From Parsifal to Perón: Early Radio in Argentina, 1920-1944 by Robert Howard Claxton and Locos por la radio: una historia social de la radiofonía en Argentina, 1923-1947 by Andrea Matallana. Reviewed in Media History 15, no. 1 (February 2009), 121-122.

British Representations of Latin America by Luz Elena Ramirez. Reviewed in H-Albion (February 2008).

Independence in Spanish America: Civil Wars, Revolutions, and Underdevelopment by Jay Kinsbruner. Reviewed in Anthropology Review Database (January 2007).

Simón Bolívar: A Life by John Lynch. Reviewed in Itinerario 31, no. 1 (2007), 171-172.

Forge of Progress, Crucible of Revolt: The Origins of the Mexican Revolution in La Comarca Lagunera, 1880-1911 by William K. Meyers. Anthropology Review Database (September 2008).


Conference Presentations:

“Women, State Violence, and the Politics of Restitution in Nineteenth Century Córdoba, Argentina”, American Historical Association, New York, January 2009; Florida Conference of Historians, February 2010.

“North American Historiography and the Study of Africans in the Southern Cone,” French Association for American Studies, Montpellier, France, May 2008.

With Doug Oetter, “From Exploring to Exploiting: The Geopolitical History of Creating a New Southern Border along Canada’s Early Frontier,” Tenth Annual Conference on the Americas, February 2007.

“Argentine Expatriate Communities in the Southern Cone during the Rosas Era,” American Historical Association, Atlanta, January 2007.

“Africans in Mexico and Argentina: A Comparative Framework,” Twelfth Annual Latino Issues Conference, Bowling Green State University, April 2006.

“Militarization of Justice and Political Crime: The Juntas Clasificadoras of Argentina,” Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies, Nashville, 2005.

“Bibliographical Sources on Africans in Mexico and Argentina,” Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials, Gainesville, 2005.

“Challenges to the Study of the African Diaspora in Mexico and the Southern Cone,” with Roberto Pacheco, American Historical Association, Boston, 2001.

“The ‘Forgotten’ African Diasporas in Mexico and Argentina: Comparative Research Agendas for the 21st Century,” with Roberto Pacheco, African-New World Studies Conference, Florida Int’l University, Miami, 1998.

“La unión para siempre: la enseñanza del derecho de la familia en la Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1824-1860,” VII Internacional Coloquio de Estudiantes de Historia, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Peru, 1996.

“Race and Law in Mexico,” Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies, Miami, 1996.


Foreign Languages:

Spanish, Fluent in Reading, Writing, and Speaking

Portuguese, Near Fluent in Reading, Writing, and Speaking

German, Proficient at Reading and Writing


Fellowships, Grants, and Awards:

University of Florida, Latin American and Caribbean Center Travel Grant, 2011 ($300 awarded)

Faculty Research Grant, Jacksonville University, ($2100 awarded)

National Endowment of the Humanities, Global Advisory Board on the History of Childhood, 2007-2009 ($750 awarded)

Distinguished Faculty Member Award, Eta Sigma Alpha Honorary, 2007

Multicultural and Diversity Affairs Mini-Grant, 2005 ($300 awarded to Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program at Georgia College and State University)

Faculty Research Award, GC&SU, 2005 ($500 awarded)

Fund for the Improvement of Secondary Education (FIPSE) Grant, U.S. Department of Education, 2003-2004

Florida International University Dissertation Fellowship, Graduate School, 2002-2003

Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship, 2000-2001, Declined

Fulbright Scholarship, Institute of International Education, Argentina, 1999-2000

Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship, Title VI, U.S. Department of Education, 1997-1999

Mellon Travel Grant, Latin American and Caribbean Center, FIU, 1997

Heath Scholarship Award, Marshall University, 1994

Herman Weill Essay Contest Award, Marshall University, 1993


Department/Division Service and Activities:

Assessment Coordinator, Department of History, 2009-Present

Proposed Additions to the Jacksonville University Catalog: Argentina, Brazil

Academic Advisor, Jacksonville University, 15 advisees

Member, Temporary Instructor Geography Search Committee, 2010

Proposed Additions to the GC&SU Catalog: Modern Latin America, Colonial Latin America, Modern Mexico, Modern Caribbean, United States-Latin American Relations

Academic Advisor, GC&SU, 29 advisees

Member, Non-Western Philosophy Search Committee, 2007-2008

Member, African-Americanist Search Committee, 2005-2006

Member, Committee on the Development of Additional Measures of Teaching Effectiveness, 2006-2007

Approved member to the GC&SU Graduate Faculty, September 2006

Advisor, Phi Alpha Theta (National History Honorary), GC&SU Chapter, 2005-2008

Co-advisor, History Club, 2004-2008

Presentation to HIST 6001 class on Historical Methods, “Cubans in Milledgeville,” Fall 2005 and Fall 2006.  Acknowledged in Deborah Vess, “History To Go: Why iTeach with iPods,” The History Teacher 39, no. 4.

Presentation to HIST 0001 class on First Year Academic Seminar Class, “Careers in History and Experiences Studying Latin American History”, Fall 2005

M.A. Thesis Committee Member, Michael Misinco

B.A. Senior Thesis Advisor, Bill Magallano, “Civic Action Programs in Guerrero Mexico, 1965-1975”, 2006

B.A. Senior Thesis Advisor, Matthew Henderson, “Challenging an Icon: The Debate between Che Guevara and Osvaldo Dorticós in Post-Revolutionary Cuba”, 2007

B.A. Senior Thesis Advisor, Trey Bernard, “Jacobo Guzmán’s Life in Exile and the Politics of Hemispheric Relations, 1956-1971” 2007

B.A. Senior Thesis Advisor, Valerie Blum, “Community Formation Strategies in Chad and Guatemala”, 2007


College/School Service and Activities:

Member, International Studies Committee, 2008-Present

Member, ‘Global Studies’ Major Proposal Committee, 2009

Coordinator, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Certificate Program, GC&SU, 2006-2008

Member, Advisory Board, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program, GC&SU, 2004-2006

Member, Search Committee, Department of Modern Languages, GC&SU, 2006-2007

Presentation to IDST 2205–Interdisciplinary Studies, “US Foreign Policy in El Salvador”, March 31, 2005


University Service and Activities:

Member, JU Faculty and Symposium Planning Committee, 2011

Campus Representative, Boren Award Scholarship Program, 2009-Present

Member, Faculty Affairs Committee, JU, 2009-Present

Member, Writing Across the Curriculum Committee, JU, 2008-Present

Member, Excellence in Teaching Award Committee, JU, 2009

Associate Director, Center for Economic Education, GC&SU, 2005-2008

Faculty Advisor, Casa Mondo, International Living Learning Residential Community, GC&SU, 2005-2007

  • Certificate of Appreciation, International Club, 2005

Faculty Advisor, Student Anti-Genocide Coalition (STAND), GC&SU Chapter, 2006-2007

Member, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Steering Committee, GC&SU, 2004-2006

Member, Convocation Circles Book Committee, 2004-2007

Member, Julia Flisch Lecture Committee, 2005

Member, International Education Committee, 2004-2007

  • Study Abroad Subcommittee
  • International Faculty Subcommittee

Judge, Presidential Scholars Competition, 2004, 2005

Discussion Leader, “Times Talk”, March 2006

Coordinator and discussion leader, “Wetback: An Undocumented Documentary,” First Friday Film Series, International Education Center, October 2006

“The US Experience of Exporting Democracy to Latin America,” American Democracy Project Teach-In, Coverdell Institute, GC&SU, March 2007

“Tsunami Disasters in the Modern World: History and Photographs,” Tsunami Relief Teach-In, Coverdell Institute, GC&SU, January 2005

“Natural Disasters in US History” Hurricane Katrina Teach-In, Coverdell Institute, GC&SU, September 2005

Discussion Leader, Freshmen Circles Program, August 2005

Department Representative, Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) Team, Manatee Community College, 2002-2004

Title III Pilot Project Committee Member, Manatee Community College, 2003-2004

Advisor, History and Political Science Club, Manatee Community College, 2003-2004

Graduate Committee, Department of History, Florida International University, 1995-1997


Community Service:

Volunteer Expert, Seminar on Chile, World Affairs Council of Jacksonville, 2010.

Volunteer, Sister Cities International, 2008-Present

Member, Sister Cities International, Bahía Blanca (Argentina) and Curitiba (Brazil) Committees, 2008-Present

Presentation, “Georgia’s Debate Over Illegal Mexican-Temporary-Migrant-Immigrant-Alien-Undocumented-Guest Workers, or ‘Whatever You Want to Call Them’”, Georgia Humanities Council, Greene County Library, March 13, 2007

Member, Friends of the Mary Vinson Memorial Library, 2005-2007

Volunteer Coordinator, Spanish Tutoring Service Learning Project, Baldwin County High School, 2006-2008

Volunteer, Twin Lakes Library Book Fair, 2005-2007

Volunteer, Revolutionary War Veterans Cemetery Clean-Up, History Club and Friends of Baldwin County Cemeteries, Milledgeville, GA, February 2005

Consultant, National History Day, Oak Hill Middle School, Milledgeville, GA, 2006

Consultant, National History Day, Washington County High School, Sandersville, GA, 2006

Consultant, National History Day, Putnam County High School, Eatonton, GA, 2007

Co-Advisor, Spanish Club, Baldwin County High School, Milledgeville, GA, 2006-2007

Judge, National History Day, Regionals, GC&SU, 2005 and 2007

Judge, National History Day, State, Macon State College, 2007

Presentation to HIS 400-Modern Middle Eastern History class, “Authoritarian Regimes”, The Union Institute and University, Miami, Florida, January 3rd, 2005

Presentation to HIS 400-Modern Middle Eastern History class, “Nationalism and the Middle East”, The Union Institute and University, Miami, Florida, January 4th, 2005


Professional Service:

Treasurer, Florida Conference of Historians, 2009-Present

Manuscript Reviewer, “United States Economic History”, Georgia Council on Economic Education, 2008

Session Chair, “Re-thinking Political and Labor Movements in the Americas”, Florida Conference of Historians, 2007

Session Chair, Undergraduate Student Panel on “Studies on Inter-American Relations,” Tenth Annual Americas Council, 2007

Session Chair, Graduate Student Panel on “Socio-Economic Perspectives of America”, Phi Alpha Theta, LaGrange College, 2006

Conference Coordinator, First Annual Phi Alpha Theta Student Research Conference, GC&SU, December 2006

Georgia Historical Quarterly, Article Manuscript Reviewer

University of Nebraska Press, Book Manuscript Reviewer

Martin St. Bedford Press, Book Manuscript Reviewer

Thompson Wadsworth Press, Book Manuscript Reviewer

Attendee, “Reacting to the Past” Conference, University of Georgia, March 2005

Editorial Assistant, Hispanic American Historical Review, Yale University, 1997

Editorial Assistant, Hispanic American Historical Review, Florida Int’l University, 1995-1997

Editorial Board Member, Atlantic Millennium: A Graduate History Journal of Atlantic Civilization, Florida Int’l University, 1995-1997


Professional Membership:

American Historical Association

Florida Conference of Historians

Conference on Latin American History

Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies

Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials

Fulbright Alumni Association

Phi Alpha Theta

President, Phi Alpha Theta, Marshall University Chapter, 1993-1994



Mark D. Szuchman, Ph.D.

Department of History

Florida International University

University Park Campus

Miami, FL 33199

(305) 348-2038



N. David Cook, Ph.D.

Department of History

Florida International University

University Park Campus

Miami, FL 33199

(305) 348-3996



Victor Uribe, Ph.D.

Department of History

Florida International University

University Park Campus

Miami, FL 33199

(305) 348-2961



William Risch, Ph.D.

Department of History, Geography, and Philosophy

Georgia College and State University

CBX 047

Milledgeville, GA 31061

(478) 445-2178



Eric Thomas, M.A.

Jacksonville University

Division of Social Sciences (History)

2800 University Boulevard North

Jacksonville, FL 32211

(904) 256-7162



Robert Sawrey, Ph.D.

Department of History

Marshall University

Huntington, WV 25575

(304) 696-3347



Frances Hensley, Ph.D.

Department of History

Marshall University

Huntington, WV 25575

(304) 696-6704