Welcome to the homepage of Nano Surfaces & Electronics Laboratory (NanoSELS) led by Dr. Ramesh Adhikari at Jacksonville University. In this website you will find the information about the teaching and research acvities of Dr. Adhikari and the group. Thanks for visiting!

Teaching Interest

Learning should be fun and exciting! I am interested in integrating techniques such as interactive demonstrations, flipped classrooms, and collaborative problem solving to make learning of physics more interactive. I also like to learn newer research based pedagogical methods of teaching both introductory and advanced level students. I am also interested in incorporating different experimental techniques and developing experiments for advanced labs.

Research Interest

Our group works on projects that involves using of biodegradable and sustainable materials for construction of electronic components and for energy harvesting. Our research spans from using of protein structures to constrct nanoelectronics, use of plant materials for electronic components, and taking advantages of nanostrucutred materials for harvesting mechanical energy. Please refer to "Research Areas" for further information.